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Our rugs are our story tellers, we try our best to create a story in every rug we manufacture and always maintain that standard we are providing through rugs.

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Unlike other work opportunities the magnetism of rug industry is quite special.

There are numerous stages we need to follow to manufacture a single rug. Almost in all the stages the use of hand is employed and due to this handmade nature these rugs are very special. When a single rug is manufactured, it provides employment to several people who can run their families. It demands creativity, understanding local and international cultures and preserving the handmade tradition and techniques. These all feel- good factors provided the necessary impetus for us .


Classic Custom Rugs (CCR) had a humble beginning. The foundation lies in the family lineage. It was established as a small cottage Industry nearly two decades ago and started manufacturing rugs for local shops and exporters. It was not until when Mr.Dawa Sherpa returned to Nepal after completing his studies from The Netherlands and UK. He decided to help his father and expand the business into the international arena. He believed he would do the same work but in a different manner.

Now, the company is now run by the second generation with his sister Ms. Hishi Doma Sherpa playing key role in managing the business. CCR is now one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of premium handknotted rugs. The values such as honesty, hardworking and dedication were acquired from the family and modern education, extensive travel and international exposure have helped us to understand the matrix of creating beautiful luxury rugs with professional integrity.


Giving Back


Classic Custom Rugs always believe that education is a vital component of progress, but many children in our country are unable to receive a proper education due to poverty and other social issues, thus we have granted many scholarships for those in need.

We also trust in women's empowerment, which promotes women's self-worth, ability to make their own decisions, and right to affect societal change for themselves and others. And we've supported number of events aimed at empowering women, including Miss Intercontinental, Miss Sherpa, and various other causes related to health.

Giving back and contributing to society is what we strongly believe in. We are very grateful for being able to support on various causes.

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If You can dream it, we can weave it

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