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The steps to completing a successful project by the end of this phase, we'll have everything we need: a guide to follow, the fundamentals of design and graphics, and the right tools and methods to use.

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We receive designs from our client and then Our designers works on translating the design into weaving knots. We use galaicha software for designing and weaving the rugs. Once the design is ready the design graph is printed for weaving. You could also choose from our design and customize it (size, colour) to fit your needs.


We use swiss ciba dyes from Clariant and also vegetables dyes as per our clients need. The dyeing master weighs the appropriate amount of dyes and boils the colour to get the correct match. Color plays a key role in rug manufacturing and we ensure that quality dyes are used and colors are approved correctly. Once the yarns are dyed they are dried in the shade and outside in the sun depending upon the color.

Yarn rolling

The yarns once dried are ready for rolling. With the help of spinning wheels known as charkha the yarns are rolled into balls and ready for production. This is where the mixing of wool, silk and other fibers is done.3 plies of yarn is used for weaving.


The carpet is now ready for production. Cotton warps are used in the Iron frame while setting up the loom and set of weavers. The weavers then start weaving the rug looking at the graph (map) and the yarn balls in accordance to the color sequence.


Once the rug is finished weaving, the rug is washed to get rid of any dirts and debris. The rug is then dried in the sun.


The washed rugs are now put on a frame and adhesive is used on the back side of the rug to give proper shape. This is one of the important step to adjust the shape which had been contracted and loosened after the washing process.

Finishing, Packing and shipping

The final finishing by our finishing team is done meticulously before packing the rugs. Once everything is checked as per the order specifications and good to go; we then packed the rugs and ship them to the desired destination of our clients.

Custom Designs

If You can dream it, we can weave it

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