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Quality comes with the materials used, standard knot system, tools used and other different factors during production. Classic Custom Rugs creates different sizes of rugs that are suitable for your homes, office and other areas and ensures both factors.

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We produce carpets in a variety of quality, including 60, 80, 100, 150, and 200 knots, to meet the needs of our devoted customers. We make eco-friendly, sustainable, and hazard-free carpets made of wool/wool, wool/silk, and diverse natural fibers.


Sizes range from medium and scatter rug sizes to room and over-large sizes, for example. From little mats to enormous bespoke sizes up to 30 X 40', we have it all. We keep our looms updated by installing new looms to meet huge custom requirements. We have looms that fit the usual European and American sizes for our program orders. Round and other geometrical shapes can be made as well.

Custom Designs

If You can dream it, we can weave it

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