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These organizations are working tirelessly to promote skilled adult artisans and sustainability ensuring better working and living conditions for these artisans in the rug industry and we totally support their cause

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With the world going at such a pace and sustainability and environmental issues gaining importance than ever. CCR is aware and takes into consideration of creating ethical and sustainable rugs. CCR believes in creating high quality ethical rugs which can be seen with the engagement (active participation) of Mr. Sherpa in various organizations such as Nepal Carpet Manufacture and Exporters’ Association (NCMEA) Goodweave, and Label step

CCR is also promoting and manufacturing sustainable rugs made from natural fibres such as Aloe, jute, cactus, wool, nettle, hemp and bamboo silk. A new line of rugs using Vegetable dyes are also getting popular with the clients. Besides, CCR has also partnered with its client and has been manufacturing beautiful recycled rugs.

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