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We deal with Nepalese Tibetan Carpet as a manufacturer and exporter with the quality of international class. We deal with traditional and contemporary patterns and concepts. Nepalese Tibetan carpets are referred as Nepal carpet in the Europe and have been successful in carving a niche market. We understand quality product is sought after across the globe and we would like to cater with high end rugs. We cherish the artistry of handmade Tibetan carpets, woven using the finest organic materials. Exquisite Tibetan highland wool is sheared, carded, spun, dyed, woven, and knotted by hand. Each carpet is unique, stuffed with the individuality inherent in being entirely hand-crafted by expert artisans using traditional techniques, which are virtually unchanged from time beyond memory.

Size ranges from Medium and scatter rug sizes to Room sizes & Over-large sizes i.e. From small mat size to large custom size up to 30’X40’. To accommodate large custom orders we keep our loom updated by installing new looms to accommodate orders. For our program orders we have looms fitting the standard European and American sizes.
Round & other geometrical shapes can also be produced. We sell our carpets exclusively to Wholesalers, Distributors, and serve designers. Our exclusive Nepalese-Tibetan Rugs are tailor made according to regular size and custom size.

We can produce any designs whether, it is traditional, contemporary, abstract, artistic , modern, and floral as per our valued clients and market. We also manufacture carpets in antique replica designs.
We maintain an inventory of hand-knotted rugs with our newest sample developed. Please inquire us for in-stock rugs which we create for generating new demand in the market as a part of our ongoing innovation.

Raw Material
The wool we use for our product is 100% pure Tibetan wool from The Himalayas of Tibet, 100% pure New Zealand wool, (50-50) % of Tibetan and New Zealand wool. We also use 100% Chinese Silk and produce varieties of silk/wool carpets with different percentage of Silk. Silk Carpets are in great demand in the west due to its lustrous and soft appeal. Natural fibers such as Hemp, Aloe (nettle), Bamboo, linen, banana silk; cactus and Soya Silk are also used to make Nature friendly rugs.

Dyes Stuff
Color is the life of carpet and we are really serious about it. We use Swiss Dyes for the coloring of Raw Materials which yield brilliant color & high shine for the regular carpet. The vigorous and Vibrant colors of the carpet add to the decor of your living rooms and drawing rooms.
For higher quality carpet, we use vegetable dyes according to our customer’s demand. The brush effect and the natural texture of the carpet exhibit a splendor, as that of a masterpiece.

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